How to solve Warning: mktime on PHP5 ?????

I just move hosting it’s old hosting is PHP4 and new server is PHP5.
But error on script ( PHP my invoice)

Warning: mktime() expects parameter 6 to be long, string given in /home/pickmeea/public_html/receipt/inc/date.php on line 15

I don’t know to solve this problem
This’s date.php in inc folder

function fixDate($val)
$dateArray = explode("-", $val);
$val = date(“M j, Y”, mktime(0,0,0, $dateArray[1], $dateArray[2], $dateArray[0]));
return $val;
$year = date (Y);
$mon = date (m);
$day = date (d);
$today = $year."-". $mon."-". $day;

$year = date (Y);
$mon = date (m)+1;
$day = date (d);
$p_due = $year."-". $mon."-". $day;

$lyear = date (Y)-1;
$lmon = date (m);
$lday = date (d);
$lastyear = $lyear."-". $lmon."-". $lday;

//--------day of year-----------------------
$dayofyear2 = date(‘z’);
//-----------get year only-----------------
$dateyear = date(‘Y’, $unix_time);
//-------days in a month------------------
$days_per_month = date(‘t’, $unix_time);
//-------week number of year starts monday--------------
$date_week_number = date(‘W’, $unix_time);
//------get the begining of year date---------------------
$ago = $dayofyear2; // days
$ytda = time() - ($ago * 86400);
$ytd = date(“Y-m-d”, $ytda);

?> [/code]

Use intval() to cast your $dateArray values to integers. Also check out the restrictions for the 6th parameter for mktime().

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