How to Set Script Execution at the Command Line?

I typed “cmd” and bring up the MS-DOS shell.

The command line shows “c:Documents and Settingsuser>”

What else should I type after!?

My “php.exe” file is both in c:php and c:program filephp (this is information I obtained from search).

Please also advise me what’s the difference between using “command line” and “saving the file”.

Sorry for the elementary question, because I am a 100% self-learner with nobody to ask.

Many thanks :oops:

You’re gonna have to ‘save the file’ one way or another :wink:

When you use it through a webserver (such as Apache), the webserver will run the file through the PHP engine for you (but the webserver will have to be configured to know where the PHP engine is located).

Using PHP from the CLI (Command-Line Interface), you could browse to where (I think it was) php5ts.exe or php4ts.exe is located (or perhaps it was php.exe, you’re gonna have to try these out) and run them, using the filename of your file as the parameter.

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