How to see the category of a wordpress post with the post?

On top of each post, i see the date published, the author, but i do not see the category of the post. how can i make it visible? this is for a wordpress site

Wordpress sites/themes are all different…

How about SHOW us what your talking about?

These are just computers… (not crystal balls)

I thought my question is general. Ok look below:
the category names that the post belongs to, are not displayed, although the date and author is displayed. how can i also display the category?
what file which line?

This is specific to WORDPRESS, and not a general PHP question…

  • I cant help you. (sorry)

i thought this category says wordpress help
can anyone else help?
but now my question seems replied to… hey thanks !
if you did not know about wordpress why did you want more details anyway

I thought you were going to be showing tables/scripts… actual data.

Check the theme options for the template that you are using. If it isn’t there, each theme is different then you will have to create a child theme and edit the template that you use to add that functionality. It would probably be easier to change to a theme which includes the functionality that you want.

Ketanco, WP is a platform based on PHP. A template or theme is a customized version of WP to be used for a certain type of website. Inside the theme or template, you will find various functions inside of PHP files that handle different parts of the overall theme. We can fix your problem, or help explain to you how to fix it, but, ONLY if we can see the code. If it is a public domain theme, give it to us and we can solve it for you. But, if it is a paid theme, you need to post the code where it displays the data and we can suggest fixes for you. This site is a code-based help site. We can not guess at code we can not see! Does that explain our problem in helping you?

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