How to search value from stored from as array to Database


i am using implode function to upload multiple values to database like


Kannada, English, Hindi
English, Hindi

In that Language is table field…, and three row values what i mentioned So i want to find Language only in kannada Is that Possible…?


Wrong database design, use Normalization

But How to store multiple values to a single field from Database

for ex: languages known : obviously select multiple languages right…?

You just don’t do that. That leads to your problem.

I’ll explain my situation :

languages is the field name of database,

so i want to insert multiple Values to insert database so that i am using multiple selection drop down and storing values through Implode statement…

so i want to search languages who are know only particular languages is that possible …?

just stop this implode stuff and use normalization - problem solved.

can u guide me…?


The last time I did a multi-language system, there was a table of languages. Each column stored a different language and the secondary key was a tag. So when the server prepared the page, you would query for the section that needed to be displayed and based on the language preference, it would select the column needed.

my table structure is :

lang_id     lang_known
1               Kannada
2               Kannada
3               Hindi

user_id    user_name    lang_id
101         demo0             1,2
102         demo1             1,3
102         demo2             1,2,3

so, i am using implode() to store lang_known values …

Now my point is

  1. can i search lang_known only in perticular language …
  2. I cant fetch the values from database lang_known.

any suggestion please…


That is a disaster waiting to happen. You should not be storing a delimited list in a relational database. To continue with that style of design, you would need a linking table to relate users to languages. Something like,


Sorry that is my mistake actually i linked both the table
Updated question kindly check…


any suggestion please…


You need to store the user’s language known data in a 3rd table as has already been stated. The user_id and lang_id columns in that table would need to be defined as a composite unique index, in order to prevent duplicate data for each user.

You would JOIN the user table (I don’t know why people need to name tables with a variation of ‘table’ in the table name) with the user_language table.

// to search for users with a specific language id
SELECT u.user_name, other columns you want ...
 FROM tbl_user_reg u
 JOIN user_language ul ON u.user_id = ul.user_id
 WHERE ul.lang_id = ?
// to search for users with a specific language name
SELECT u.user_name, other columns you want ...
 FROM tbl_user_reg u
 JOIN user_language ul ON u.user_id = ul.user_id
 JOIN tbl_lang l ON ul.lang_id = l.lang_id
 WHERE l.lang_known = ?

Yes but lang_id from tbl_user_reg is stored multiple values…

and how to fetch the lang_name …?


It is not working…

Dear All,

lang_id    lang_known
1            Kannada
2             English
3             Hindi

user_id              user_name              lang_id
101                     demo0                     1,2
102                     demo1                     1,3
103                    demo2                     1,2,3

I want to Show language name instead of ID I tried like this but it is not working…

SELECT * FROM tbl_user_reg
INNER JOIN tbl_languages ON tbl_user_reg.lang_id=tbl_languages.lang_id

My expected Output is :

ID: 101
Name: demo0
Language known: Kannada, English

But Above query is not working…
any suggestion please…


for relations with multiple entries you need another table. Im quite sure this was explained in another thread here.

user_id, language_id

So we have to do separate table…?

you dont have to, but instead of hacking it with some backwards solution why not just do it the right way?

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