How to Remove Spamming Traffic From Analytic


I want remove my spam traffic in analytic.


Filter them. Once they are in, I assume Google Analytics, they are there. If you filter your reports it will have the data you want.


You are right sir, but it’s not enough for stop fake traffic, because I put so many spam referral URL’s in analytic but every new day, new URL come from in Referral traffic. If you have any other idea for this please share with me.


Well, there are thousands of websites that discuss this subject. Here is one for you.

I suggest you use and use these words to search on.
google analytics how to remove spam
You will find a lot of good information how to handle this issue!


Google Analytics helps to remove spamming traffic…


you can use google analytics or there will be number of other methods too available on google


you can use google analytics for Remove Spamming Traffic