How to print colors on ODD numbers?


Hello, I have created a code that writes numbers from 20-49 on a line, I need help to write the odd numbers in red.


for ($i=20; $i<=49; $i++){      
    echo "$i<br>";  



Hello realbaggyfan,

I have solved your query regarding odd numbers in color format. Please use below mentioned code for your requirement.

echo “<p><font color=red font face=‘arial’ size=‘2pt’>$num</font></p>”;
echo “<p><font color=black font face=‘arial’ size=‘2pt’>$num</font></p>”;


Kindly give your suggestions regarding this.


Ahhh, I see! Thank you so much for taking your time helping me. Appreciate it big time!


So, your solution is to use outdated html with attributes that don’t exist? And to duplicate it?

$class = $num % 2 == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd';
echo "<p class='{$class}'>{$i}</p>";


My kindly suggestion is to stop using deprecated/obsolete code from the 90’s. We use CSS now as @astonecipher’s example shows.


Do you even need PHP and classes? surely some of the nth-child css selectors have to be evergreen by now.