How to print argument value to error log?

The following is my function,

    protected function mergeMetadataElement(array $bundleComponents, $name, array $data, $reverseMerge = false)
        if (isset($bundleComponents[$name])) {
            $bundleComponents[$name] = $reverseMerge
                ? array_replace_recursive($data, $bundleComponents[$name])
                : array_replace_recursive($bundleComponents[$name], $data);
            return [$bundleComponents, true];
        } else {
            foreach ($bundleComponents as &$childData) {
                if (isset($childData['attributes']['class'])
                    && is_a($childData['attributes']['class'], \Magento\Ui\Component\Container::class, true)
                    && isset($childData['children']) && is_array($childData['children'])
                ) {
                    list($childData['children'], $isMerged) = $this->mergeMetadataElement(
                    if ($isMerged) {
                        return [$bundleComponents, true];
        return [$bundleComponents, false];

the third argument $data return null, how to debug whether the data is getting or not?


Perhaps trying a couple things:

1.) echo/print out the $data param BEFORE sending it to the function (to see what is being sent)

2.) Inside the function itself… echo/print out the $data param to see what it is ‘using’ (received)

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