How to mask EIN and SSN for display

I have a field that can contain an EIN or SSN but I want to mask it when I display them in the view. Here’s the code I used to do that. Basically I just count the number of dashes. If there is only one it’s an EIN and if there are two it’s an SSN. I select the correct mask and then append the last four of the string.

if(substr_count($item->ein,"-")==1 ? $mask="XX-XXX" : $mask= "XXX-XX-");
echo $mask . substr($item->ein, -4)

are you really handling SSNs? If so I’d suggest storing only the mask in the database, if you need to verify them store a password_hash of the SSN as well so you can verify it like any other password. Storing SSNs stack on so many potential issues and data handling/storage requirements it’s usually not worth it if you don’t absolutely have to.

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I remember one time talking to my cable company provider that was setting up my account that the lady over the phone asked my for my SSN. I almost gave it to her, but then I quickly said I not going to you my SSN as you don’t need it to do for what you are doing. A quick pause she finally said “Well give me a hint for your password then”.

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