How to make looping conditions


This is my first output after while loop

But i want to delete repeated values and show their contents only

my expected output (Marked as Yellow) what i mentioned in red color that values show only one time not repeatedly…,


any suggestion please…?

thank you,


Why is the size giving measurements?


because for custom size…


my expected output:

66  19  SHIRT GROUP    CES-SH-20  1  24
66  20  SHIRT GROUP    CES-SH-20  1  Length:33,Chest:23,Shoulder:55,Steeves Length:76

any suggestion please…?


How are you storing the sizes? Is it a per record thing or an all together record?



Yes its working i am using nested while loop

thank you,


So, those shouldn’t be creating records like that… It should be a single record.

So, storing a size Large, you would want it to be stored like that. If the size is Custom, you would then want a note added that gets all the measurements and stores it the same way a large is. Otherwise, it looks like you have 5 shirts ordered when it is only 1. Following?