How to let users customize sidebar order in custom Wordpress theme

I recently built a theme for my WordPress site. I have a sidebar where I have various “widgets” for lack of a better term, What would be the easiest way to go about adding in an admin page that would control the order of the sidebar “widgets”. I have been looking into using the increment operator, ie: ++$i. but i cannot seem to get it to change the order. Is there any other way to let users change the order of the sidebar? Right now this is my personal site, but i would like to expand the theme’s functionality so that one day i may be able to market it. you can visit my site here to get a better understanding of the layout and sidebar. Should i make my own function?

I don’t have a lot of wordpress experience but I believe you can put content into sidebar widgets in wordpress then you can order them by dragging and dropping in the widgets manager within the admin panel.

This is my first wordpress site. so i don’t know how to go about making the sidebar “widgets” actual widgets.

okay I think I see what you mean, to create widgets click appearance in the sidebar menu then click widgets you should see widgets that you can use to make your own you drag in the text widget into the available sidebar then you can put in any html in there and create as many as needed.

If you don’t see a sidebar to place the widgets then you might not have enabled it in the theme if that’s the case this might be of help

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