How To: Import CSV - Add Characters > Output to File

Hello all and I am hoping someone could please point me in the correct direction to get me started in what I am trying to accomplish with my file.

I am using a fax service [ Ring Central ] and the reason I chose to go with them is they said they had bulk import and export functions of CSV files, and could separate by groups. Importing them was not a problem, as they had the export template to copy/paste the new columns into.

The columns also had First Name & Last Name which personalizes the fax, and this is great.

The problem is that they are not quite as advanced on the web interface as they say they were, and in order to “add to a group”, you have to manually click each name, it then pops up another box with the name…and another process of clicking “insert”.

Well, there are 500+ entries in this file, and that is just “one of many” to be done. What is worse? Then when it comes time to “send a fax”, you are NOT ABLE to simply select the “whole group” but you have to

a) Open the Group [ it then just gives a list display and NO simple TICK box ] for selecting, but you have to click Contacts then on the Name, then? Yes…another box pops up with display of name/number…and then you have INSERT.

b) At this point, it then simply parses an output like this > [php]Lisa C ((855) 477-5623), [/php]

Then the whole process to ADD starts over, and it is Flash based…which takes even more time…let alone trying to remember who I have already done.

The Shortcut for me is to to try to make come code that exports what I need. in a “single out” format.

How can I attach a CSV file as an example please?

Thank you !!


PHP has functions to simplify working with CSV. fgetcsv() and fputcsv()

Even if that wouldn’t work for you it could be done with preg_match(). This is pretty easy stuff to do :slight_smile:

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