How to have multiple search keys

I have a database wherein the files are named abcd100.00b, abcd101.00b,… i need a code where wen the user enters abcd separate then 100 to 110 . all the files with the name abcd and in the range 100 to 110 should get displayed now the following code can display pnly the first four characters how do i implement this???

<?php //capture search term and remove spaces at its both ends if the is any $searchTerm = trim($_GET['keyname']); //check whether the name parsed is empty if($searchTerm == "rinex_file") { echo "Enter name you are searching for."; exit(); } if($searchTerm == "rinex_file") { echo "Enter name you are searching for."; exit(); } //database connection info $host = "localhost"; //server $db = "rinex"; //database name $user = "m"; //dabases user name $pwd = "c"; //password //connecting to server and creating link to database $link = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $pwd, $db); //MYSQL search statement $query = "SELECT * FROM rinexo WHERE rinex_file LIKE '%$searchTerm%'"; $results = mysqli_query($link, $query); /* check whethere there were matching records in the table by counting the number of results returned */ if(mysqli_num_rows($results) >= 1){ echo ''; while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($results)){ echo ''; } echo '
rinex version program date maker name maker number observer agency position_X_Y_Z delta wavelength rinex file
'.$row['rinex_version'].' '.$row['pgm'].' '.$row['date'].' '.$row['marker_name'].' '.$row['marker_no'].' '.$row['observer'].' '.$row['agency'].' '.$row['position_X_Y_Z'].' '.$row['delta'].' '.$row['wavelenth'].' '.$row['rinex_file'].'
'; }else{ echo "There was no matching record for the name " . $searchTerm; }

Duplicate of

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