How to get more than one portfolio or gallery page?

Hi, first off, I am totally new to php, so I have very little knowledge about it.

I recently bought a nice Wordpress theme, called Wowway.

It has a special portfolio and gallery page lay-out which attracted me to it.

To my regret I found out that you can only make one of each kind of page: one portfolio, and one gallery page.

I asked the maker if it was possible to make more than one of these pages. He said it was only possible to do so by making adjustments in the php files, and he does not want to do this for some reason(which is odd, since I am certainly not the only one on his support forum that is asking for this functionality, but never mind).

So, now I am trying to find out if I can do this myself, but I need some help with this. Can anyone help me?

I will describe how the theme works within the wp interface:
You make a regular page, you then select a template(which has the portfolio and gallery template options I am talking about). You also have one gallery and one portfolio button in the wp sidebar, which gives you a page where you can make new portfolio or gallery items. That is it. You can’t make more than one page with these styles unfortunately.

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