how to execute link, read what is displayed, execute again..

Wondering if you can use php for:

  1. I have a page with links. I want to pass something that can read the page (like curl or file get contents)
  2. There are two links on a page. one goes to page1.php and the other goes to page2.php
  3. I want to find some way that I can have a browser open to say page1.php.
  4. page1.php will contact a database and display different random links.
  5. I need to read what page1.php is displaying (into a function so I can test for like 20 different possibilities) and then choose a link.

The problem is, I can open the link in a new window, but then I don’t know what will be displayed on the new window because it’s random links that appear.

would need to do something like a loop so I can execute this like 50 times

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