How to edit the database manually?

Hi there,

I delete some users from the database related to a script I am working at it.

But, after I deleted those (users) the script memberlist shows (blank spaces) insted of clear list of users in the script.

For example:

((Before the delete from the database)) the memberlist view like this:

  1. User A
  2. User B
  3. User C
  4. User D
  5. User F
  6. User G

((After the delete from the database )) the memberlist view like this:

  1. blank
  2. User B
  3. blank
  4. User D
  5. blank
  6. blank

I know I must delete the users from the script admin itself, but I dosen’t know that the blank space will remain the script members list?

My Quesation, How I can delete the (blank space) in the member list? and how I can edit the database manually?!


Those would be very good questions that I am sure we could help with if we had seen some code you are using. Pretty hard to tell you what is wrong when we don’t even know what is being done.

I would guess that the code that displays the data is blindly looping through all id values, and displays a blank for missing ones, instead of just using the actual data present in the result set

Maybe this image will give you a hint!


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