How to download and upload files with PHP?

Hi all. Let me preface this first by saying that I by no means anywhere near as knowledgeable about PHP as I’d like to be, but I’m learning. I have written a simple form that our agents use to submit information to a clients website. What I’d like to do: along with the form submission I’d like a particular file (a recording of a phone call) to be uploaded from our server to the clients ftp site. I can access the file via http (e.g. http://{my_ip_address}/RECORDINGS/GSM/ED_20101124-101256_7045287830_gholst-all.gsm) but i have no idea how to, with PHP, get that file uploaded to their FTP site. Is this possible first, and if so can someone steer my in the right direction as to where I can learn how to do it?

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