how to do report in php

hi there how to do report for php…something like shell report…realy have no idea how to do it…do the report and able to print the report…anyone have any idea…?..

  1. What information would you like to report?
  2. Where does this information come from?
  3. Would you like shell reporting or webview reporting (i.e. what presentation)?
  4. What have you found by searching google/
  5. Why did what you found not suit your needs?
  6. What have you tried yourself?
  7. Why did what you tried not suit your needs?

Apart from the fact that this looks a suspicious lot like a scriptrequest, we don’t even know what in the world you want your reporting script to do.

Yes, given the right information, I do know how to write a script like this, but I am not going to write it for you. We are not here to write scripts for people. We are to help people with scripts “THEY” have written.

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