how to display the first page of pdf onfly...

i have to display more than 200 pdfs on html page with its preview(i mean first page). it is very difficult to take snapshot or copying the first page and saving in thumbnails folder and recall.

is there any function that will display the first page?. please help me.
Thank you all…


I don’t believe there would be a PHP function (directly) that would allow this. there is a package (I believe it’s called fpdf) that will allow you to “Create” PDF’s on demand. Using that, if you are creating your 200 PDFs, then you could “Limit” the creation of just a single page.

You will however still run into a problem, I believe, as you will need to create an image rather than a pdf. I don’t believe the browser can open multiple PDFs in a single window (First page or not)

Hi Admin,
i just opend that fpdf site. i’ll try it.
i’m not displaying all pdfs in one page. i’ll display 10 pdfs per page with pagenation. Thank You and Advanced Happy Christmas.


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