How to create a folder/sub folder on a server with owner/group set to specific values

When a folder/sub folder is created, permission can be set to any desired value e.g. 0755
However the owner/group settings default to 604 601
A member of the group who is the administrator creates the folders. The administaror can upload, download files from the folders.
I found out that other members of the group can only upload files to folders. They cannot even download the files they uploaded.
I want any member of the group to have access to upload and download files in these folders.
I have tried chown() chgrp() while creating the folders and uploading files to the folders but these didn’t work.
Note: This problem does not exit on localhost. It comes up while testing on my domain server live

I have traced the fault.
chown and chgrp both work fine.
The problem is case sensitivity.
While windows folder name is not case sensitive ie foldername spring is same as Spring
Unix is case sensitive, so a foldername spring is different from Spring

Remember also that PHP is case-sensitive too. To access Spring, you need to use the cap!

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