How to connect and insert values into word document from sql?

Is there any possibility to connect data from sql database to a word document. And to apply it to the mailing list and download it from the html file?

I’m going to go with, not easily. Not sure what the requirements are, but PHP isn’t going to have the type of interaction of something like C# that can leverage the COM library. Mysql can’t communicate directly with word, and doing it in word would mean using VBA most likely.

Is it possible to connect C# with html page?

That’s what ASP is.

High level and abstract what I am understanding is,

You want to get data from a database.
You want to attach a word document to a mailing list that will send HTML emails.
The word document should be able to be downloaded from the email as an attachment.

Is that correct?

I need to make a button that automatically sends the mail to the user. In the mail needs to be the word document. In word you have the option mailing list so you can easily send the same mail to the users. But the name, address, phone number etc… It needs to get them from the sql database

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