how to call php page into html page

hai guys
i have an html page in that page i have one button when i press that button it calls example.php page .how can i call this.
can anybody give idea.


Not sure I full understand what you are trying to do, but from what I gather y ou simple want a button clicked and it takes you to a new page.

If this is the case this HTML 101 type stuff…

hi thanks for ur help.but when i call php form it shows empty data.i am submitting code


Simple validation




Welcome to welcome.php <?php echo $_POST["name"];?>.
you are<?php echo $_POST["age"];?>.
years old

the output is like this
Welcome to welcome.php
you are
what is the problem …?
can u tell the problem…?

thanks in advance .

I don’t know if this would have anything to do with it, but you should always try to use complete html. Especially if you were going to check if the submit button had been pushed.

You can have the name and value anything you want, but in the least you should have them.

Also, you should finish your form.

This maybe problematic as well.
Try that and if that doesn’t work I can take a second look for you.

sorry Ragster
which is not working ? i am getting same problem?

thank you

I guess I would start debugging.


Use this to check to make sure that the POST array is even being populated.

View source to see if there are any errors showing up there.

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