How to bypass login compulsion in php

I have a php site for quiz, quiz are divided in category then php code login is mandatory to attempt quiz but now i want remove that compulsion. means i want to bypass the login compulsion.the person can attempts quiz even though if its not login. i have extract some code i think that is restricting for login.

view more <?php echo '';?>

when i click on view more its directing to login page.Please help me to resolve this issue.

                            <div class="view-btn2">
                            	<a id="checkloggin<?php echo $subtype_id;?>" style="cursor:pointer" class="checkloggin btn" >view more
								<input type="hidden" class="userlogged" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['site_user_id']; ?>" name="userlogged"/>
                              <?php   echo '<input type="hidden" value="exam_type.php?subcatid='.base64_encode($subtype_id).'" class="urlpath" name="userlogged">';?></a>
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