how to build a site map...?


I am trying to build a site map for my website to use with search engines.

What is the best way to go about it? Script or generators?

If script, can you please give me a head start?

thanks again

I believe Google provided a nice tool for auto-building a sitemap.
What have you searched for, trying to find what you’re looking for?
What have you found, and why did it not suit your requirements?

hi there,

i built a little sitemap.
since i dont need all the files/folders in my directory and some things come from my database, i built a customized sitemap.

here is the link to my site map:

my question is, is there something (script wise) that i need to add because of google/yahoo/other SE?


enable rss and submitt the rss link to the google …its an easy way.
but .php is not the correct format to submit it shd be like

if you are using an script then try to find an seo for it .

you mean something like this?


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