How to attach files to upload form, then attach them to email inside php

I have a simple .html program that creates a form. Within that form, I have code that allows the user to attach a photograph and up to three letters of recommendation to the form. When the form and attachments reaches the server-side PHP code, the PHP code is supposed to validate the information and then create an email to one of our ministry departments, with the photo and letters attached to the email. I’ve created little, trimmed down versions of the sending program and receiving program. The sending program seems to work fine, but when the form hits the PHP code, it says that there is an error. I use DreamWeaver 8, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to simulate the error so I can fix it. I would be glad to email whomever is willing to help me with them both programs. I’m sure it’s not a big deal, but I am totally self-taught and have huge knowledge holes. We do a lot of work with folks in the 3rd World, and without this form working, we are severely hindered. I have tried for months to get this to work, all to no avail. H E L P !!!

Dr. Ray Young
President, International Circle Of Faith Colleges and Seminaries Network

If you can send here your php code along with the error message it return, we can solve your problem together :slight_smile:

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