How should I write code?

When the message is sent once after that, the message can be sent for 1 hour.

Welcome Aboard!

Please put your code between </> brackets as it will make it easier for people to help you.

Not sure what is you are asking? (what you want to do?)

But I like that your project is using an esp8266 module!

Is the ESP itself also hosting the table? (not clear on how you are ‘querying’ the ESP8266 module?

I have used it to host webpages… and GUI/interface for connected projects… and even used SPIFFS before to upload/access assets (like images)… but never installed MySQL? or ran PHP on it/from it?

Can you expand more on that aspect on your project? (if in fact thats how its working/set-up?)

Of is this is just a normal LAMP/WAMP set-up and a normal MySQL table (and the table name is called esp8266) ??


Looks like this is just a normal DB/table set-up… and you are querying the ‘logged’ data from your ESP module…

Have you ever looked in MQTT? You can also use PHP with it.

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