How do I use a JavaScript variable as a php function parameter?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a webpage that allows users to create an account with a username, password, and security question. My database stores this information, and when a new user signs up, I want to make sure they don’t pick a user name that already exists, because I need to keep them unique for relational data purposes. So, I wrote a function in php that fills an array with the usernames that are already there, and then compares them in a loop to the username that the user has entered in the html form. I was hoping not use the method of sending JavaScript data to php via an href, because I also have JavaScript validation that occurs on the form submit, and I think linking somewhere before that to check the username would screw up the rest of the validation.

So what I tried was to store the following string in a php variable: “”;

When I use echo to print the variable that holds this string in php, it indeed prints out the result I want, which is the literal value of txtUsername. However, when I pass this string variable as a parameter to my username comparison function in php, I get a nonsensical result, because php doesn’t realize that the angle brackets and the script identifier and so forth are to be interpreted in a certain way. So, it just thinks it’s a plain string, instead of fetching the txtUsername.value from JavaScript.

Any suggestions on how I can get this JavaScript data into a literal string that php can recognize?

You can not pass javascript variable to a php function in the way as you describe. PHP is a server side language, while javascript is client side. Any php code is processed on server, and HTML is sent back to client browser. If you want to send a variable from Javascript to php script, you need to either use Ajax or to reload page in browser passing your value of your variable to php script via query string.

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