How do i take away so i dont need to write / when i register

Hello culdent come up with a good title sorry

But anyway i have this website and ive been working quite a while but ive had some help from others when it comes to my registering but when you registeru fill in all your info name last name ect but then u come to the birth date and a normal person writes EXAMPLE: 1984 05 08 but you can’t you have to write 05/08/84 but i want to take that away so its not requierd to write that how do i do that?

I can post the account.create.php if you need it

post the file

1984 05 08, is that May 8 or August 5? First of all: never trust user input. A very basic example of this is the ambiguity shown here. PHP tries to keep itself to the GNU rules, and the GNU rules only have a few valid formats for dates.

First of all: figure out which function(s) you want to use, and how you want to store the date. Read up on that function, and choose an appropriate format in which to feed the function the date.

For the frontend: I always give my visitors three dropdowns: one containing the day (1 through 31), one containing the month (Jan through Dec) and one containing the years of the last century (2008 through 1908). Depending on how you want to store the date, you can store the year separately from the day and month.

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