How do I present these Links in numbered list with a HTML page header?

<?php $getfile = 'listlinks.array';//read the array file from setup.php $contents = file_get_contents($getfile);//this gets the database content userlinks.array $convertfle = unserialize($contents);//this converts data back into php from listlinks.array $login = file_get_contents('login.html');//This gets the login page if user is not authenicated $user=$_POST['user']; //this gets the user name from the setup php script $pass=$_POST['pass']; //this gets the pass code from the setup php script $dbfile="userlinks.sqlite"; $dbh = sqlite_open($dbfile);//this opens the database $getrow = "SELECT pass FROM users WHERE user='steve';"; $rh = sqlite_query($dbh,$getrow,SQLITE_ASSOC); //this creates a row handle and grabs the specific row from the database $row = sqlite_fetch_array($rh);//this get the associative array and sets it just to bring the associative array //print_r($row); if ($user == 'steve' && $pass == 'letmein')//this checks with the database base to see if the username and password are the same as the ones beong put in { print "

Steve Smethurst

";//prints Steve Smethurst as the header foreach($convertfle as $links => $name) { foreach($name as $convertfle => $outcome)// //something with the for construct needs to be done { print<<<HTML
  1. $outcome
HTML; //print "$outcome"; } } } else { print "Incorrect Login Details or Password"; print $login; } //Try looking at embedding html with php i.e href sqlite_close($dbh);
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