How do I embed links behind images?

How do I embed links in the nav bar in the graphic tabs built into the header graphic? The nav bar is a part of the header and has 7 nav tabs 2 of which are dropdown menus. I need to lighten the tabs as the courser is hovered over the tab.

The header graphic is attached.

I don’t know if I asked this question in the right group. Pleas feel free to move if to the right place, other than the trash can that is! :slight_smile:

is the navigation bar an image or is it actual code?

Hi JimL, The navagation bar is part of the header image, You can see it at the bottom of the image I attached to my first post.

I think one way, would be to crop off the existing navigation bar and create 7 black buttons and snug them up right against the header.


You could do that, or you could recreate the menu in code only. You should be able to make that design in css only.

Yeah, that’s what I’m beginning to think.


In His grip,

Google HTML image map. I thibnk you will find it useful :wink:

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