How do i can save the data inside of a text and combo box ?


How do i can save the data inside of a text and combo box to a page.html?like lets pretend a page “index.php” have some text boxes and combo boxes, i want to save the data inside it, like if there is a empty box i write something on it then i press next then it will save the data in the page.html i want that to be save in a page.html in the same server.?and like minimum char per boxes like if i want it u have to enter 10 chars and i enter 9 and press next a pop up will come with a msg saying it gotta be 10 chars and if a combo box is not picked then a pop up will pop up


You need MySQL or backend files for that. Or you could have PHP overwrite the HTML file, but that’s generally unwanted. What exactly goes wrong in your implementation of the functionality? Are you getting any errors or do you have a control flow issue somewhere?


Not to be rude, but it doesn’t sound like you have a basic understanding of html? If this is the case may I suggest you first get a good grasp of HTML before trying to jump head first into PHP/MySQL.

It always makes life easier when the steps of progress are followed.

I am not trying to offend you, but a basic understanding of HTML is almost a must before moving into PHP. If you do understand HTML my apologies.