How do I add table title to next pages with dompdf


Using Dompdf I create tables as PDF files without any problems

I want to add table header to each page because the table creates multiple pages

<th>column header 1</th>
<th>column header 2</th>
<th>column header 3</th>
<th>column header 4</th>

To show page numbers on the page.
To show watermarks.
I am using the code below

Thank you

I’m not sure but I doubt that adding 1 table header will magically put it at the top of each page when the table extends across multiple pages. It might be better to inject a row of column headers after every 25 rows of data or something like that.

Thank you for the answer

Looks like I’ve seen it somewhere before but I don’t remember

Adding headers by number of lines will be inconsistent as line heights vary with content

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