How can you auto generate the time on Date time data type?

In PHP or SQL? now() is one of those funcitons… Ask your question, please do not post a picture. I see no question in your image!

I solved it… I just don’t know how to delete this question.

Normally, in a forum, once you solve a solution to problem, you just post the new fixed version. This allows others who come along later, in a month, year, whatever, who have the same problem, they can see how you solved it and that solution will help them, too. Pay-forward as they say. so, do not delete this, just post your solution. Or at least the important parts. Or, even just text explaining how you solved it.

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I think this was what I did:
I created a table and then created a field and on the data type, I chose DATETIME and then right clicked on it and chose CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


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