How can one set a jQ variable as an attribute?


Hello, I am trying to use the iterator from a for loop as a variable that would dictate various css attributes on a page. So here is the loop. It is actually part of a larger program which I won’t and has been greatly edited because what the program tries to accomplish is irrelevant to my question. It works except that I’m not sure how to set that iterator as attribute values.

				for(i = 0; i < frame_count; i++){

													$(".frame").slice(i,i+1).show(); //Display right odd frames

									$(".frame").slice(i,i+1).css({"top":"-798px","left":"102px","z-index":"-1", "height":"380px", "width":"180px"});  //Position right odd frames

				}//End of for loop

Now for this line, .slice(i,i+1).css({“top”:"-798px",“left”:“102px”,“z-index”:"-1", “height”:“380px”, “width”:“180px”}); Im actually trying to replace the numeric values with multiples of i such as “top”: “-798i" or in some cases, a complex algebraic expression involving i such as “left”:"(102i + 3)px” How do I accomplish that? Any ideas please?