How can I recover a MySQL Username and Password?

I tackled MySQL some time ago and learned the basics - creating tables and connecting them to Dreamweaver. I was then forced to take a long break.

I’m now ready to give it another shot, but I’ve forgotten how to work with usernames and passwords. In my notes, I found a screenshot I made of a Dreamweaver-MySQL connection that shows the following:

Server: localhost
Database: test

However, the Username and Password are crossed out. (I guess I was trying to protect them from myself!)

I tried creating a MySQL connection on Dreamweaver, taking a wild guess at the password. It created a connection, but it’s empty - there are no tables.

Anyway, I have phpMyAdmin, which I assume is where I would find my stored passwords and usernames. Can someone tell me how to do that?



I just recovered the missing information. Thanks.

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