How can I Pass Tracking IDs of my Source Traffic to Inner Links


Hi I need help with tracking ID My website receives traffic with tracking ID eg example[.]com/?tid=ag1 ; example[.]com?tid=ag2 etc

I have a buy now button there with an external link let’s say “gotothissite[.]com”

I want this external link to automatically modify itself to the tracking ID. So if I get a visit to my website via url example[.]com?tid=google then my external link should automatically modify as gotothissite[.]com/?tid=google

From What I know is that php $_GET[“tid”] can be used to acheive this. Can anyone guide me with it.

P.S. I don’t have any php coding knowledge but I do know HTML and CSS. The website is built on wordpress. [.] is used because of link post limit in the forum and http is removed for the same reason.


If I am understanding correctly, you will need to identify what those tracking id’s match to. You can then call the function above to handle the mapping and return the pretty value.


How can I capture tid value?


You said you already knew how to do that, $_GET[“tid”].


No I don’t. I meant someone told me that $_GET[“tid”] can be used to accomplish the whole setup. Please tell me how can I setup this. Here is an example website which when visted by any tid then the external link’s tid also get the same value. As in this case the buy now button.