how can i make a mulimedia website using php?


it composes of modules, then quizes, then video and animation… how can i do it? what do i need? im a beginner in php… please help me, this is for my thesis. thanks a lot.


Thesis? At which degree? Sound quite weak for a thesis…

Anyway, you can probably look over all those open source CMS projects, they usually do all that.


Modules - don’t know what you mean by that.
Quizes - HTML forms and working with them. There are many tutorials out there. Just Google.
Video - can’t HTML just handle the video file
Animation - I use Adobe’s ImageReady and just copy and paste the code it generates (javascript).

That’s how I would do it. Or is that to easy and not what you want?


Actually, if you want something really innovative, look over SVG (implementation available in mozilla 1.7 (with special compile-time flags), 1.8 and safari… plus a plug-in by adobe…

You can also look over flash generation with the ming extension.