House point system in PHP


I’m building a website for a virtual Hogwarts and I’m lacking a house point system. I have no experience in PHP. Basically what I’d like to achieve is:

User has to fill up a form if he wants to add or subtract points from certain group. For example, user chooses Group 1 from a drop down menu, chooses to add from another drop down menu and then types the amount of points he wants to add to already existing number. Then the script would add the user specified number (for example 20) to the existing number (for example 200) and the updated number would be 220… :smiley:

Is this kind of script possible in PHP and is it in any way achievable for a newbie like me?

I’ve managed to build (copy) up a form and a PHP script which saves the form information to a txt file but of course, the numbers won’t update itself. I was also thinking about, would Mysql be better to store this kind of info than a text file?

Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated!

Ok, I got the saving to Mysql database working properly! ;D

Nvm, it’s working now! :smiley:

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