hidden words not appearing on hover



Check fiddle and try to hover on the ‘Hover Me’ sentence… Anyone can figure it out why?



try this https://jsfiddle.net/gynha2fa/3/


You can’t just stop helping me sorting out, right? ;D ;D

Thanks man, karma given.

Anyway, I would like to understand what I did wrong and the changes you made is easy but the hover works yet why mine didn’t work?
Thank you again, Antonio.


Whaaaaaat? It is because of the tag? :o
I don’t understand, why?

I don't understand, why?

This CSS rule applies only for a tag with class “hide” inside any tag with class “show”

.show:hover .hide { opacity : 1; }

Like this [code]

Hover me
Show me now!
Thanks man, karma given.
Thanks! :)