Hi there

I’ve been trying teach myself PHP for a while now, mainly from books. The problem with books is that each author seems to have their own methods to produce code, and there are times you need to ask a question to make a detail clearer.

I’ve been looking for a forum for beginners, I hope you guys can spare some time for my questions.

I expect I’m a bit older than most of you. When I was 18 PCs hadn’t been invented there were only large mainframe computers in use that’s my excuse if I’m a slow learner.

My first computer (so to speak) was PONG… So the “Age” thing isn’t as bad as you think. We have patience for the slow learner, just not those that post the question…

I want to do X Y Z… How do I do it?

We are here do what we can to help, not to do the projects for you (generically speaking not you specifically)

SO bring on your questions, and welcome aboard.

Cheers peg110

Welcome aboard, hope we can help you out, and you can help others out in return :)

Thanks Zyppora

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