Hi People

Prometheus1618 Bringer Of Fire :wink:

At your service

God at somethings ( Ahem Good :slight_smile: ) but on a very steep learning curve with PHP :-[

Got myself in a huge pickle which I will post in the appropriate forum area

But for now Bring ON The Fire for all the Good People on this Forum

Hi… Can you please have a look and may be help me??
Thanks anyways!!!

Hi ave_pie

I am new here also, but having looked at your code one thing stood out.

Now I a new to this PHP and SQL scene but I have noticed that if you are using PHP 5 then MySQL_connect etc has been deprecated ( that is no longer used ). You have to use mysqli or pdo. Again it is something I have picked up using an MySQL database for an ecommerce package.

Hope this helps

Thank you Prometheus1618…
I just got this code running by myself… I was just playing wrong with the form part I noticed and its working now.
But, now what I need help is about the “SELECT OPTION” and storing each selected assignments for each class in a separate table… Please see to it if you may help me!!
Thanks in advance and good luck with your learning. I would help with whatever I can! :slight_smile:

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