Hi - I Am Delving Into PHP, Looking Forward To The Journey



I live in Rochester NY (USA) and my career is in software, 34 years. Initially ERP development, from scratch, and now ERP Admin.

What is driving my journey into learning php is some online football pool code that was on the internet, free to use. I want to modify parts to our pool.

My approach will be to look at the existing code, learn php by understanding the code, then learn what I need to make the changes I want to make.

I am looking forward to a fun journey!

Giving credit where due, here is information for that code I am using. It was free to me:
//* Copyright 1999-2004 by Mike Hall *
//* Please see http://www.brainjar.com for documentation and terms of use. *
//* *
//* PHP Football Pool *
//* PHP Port of ASP Football pool *
//* Copyright 2005 by Brian Paulson and George Garcia *
//* Please see http://lvbash.com/phpBB2 for more support on PHPFootball *


Good Luck on your endeavor with this project…


Yes, I’m Rau’s opinion with you.


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