Hi from plshelp!!

Hi Everyone!

I’m plshelp, on account of the fact that this site WILL be frequented by me, probably asking some really stupid questions.

The story is, I’m new to web programming, and up 'till now, have just had experience in web graphics designing.

I apologise in advance if my questions seem really stupid to you guys n’ gals, but hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere.

By the looks of it, there’s loads of stuff on here I can read through and learn a lot from already.

Thanks in advance and Hi again,

Kind regards,


Welcome aboard and we hope we can be of help to you :)

Glad to have you aboard, just remember that you get better (and more) results by posting questions in the FORUM areas and not PMs.

By posting questions (and hopefully subsequent answers) in the forums, then your problems (and answers) may help others too.

Welcome aboard.

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