Hi can anybody help me with simple email script

when i run the this script iam getting a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected’,’ in line 27
$name = $_POST[‘Name’];
$email = $_POST[‘email’];
$act = $_POST[‘Act’];
$telephone = $_POST[‘telephone’];
$description = $_POST[‘description’];
$age = $_POST[‘Age’];

$message .= “Name: \n”;
$message .= $name;
$message .= “\n”;
$message .= “email: \n”;
$message .= $email;
$message .= “\n”;
$message .= “Act: \n”;
$message .= $act;
$message .= “\n”;
$message .= “Telephone: \n”;
$message .= $telephone;
$message .= “\n”;
$message .= “description of the act: \n”;
$message .= $description;
$message .= “\n”;
$message .= “are you over 18: \n”;
$message .= $age;

mail("[email protected]"), “Subject: subject”, “$message”, “From:” . $email);
Header(“Location: index.html”);[/php]

Hi there,

This bit:

mail("[email protected]"), "Subject: 

Needs to change to:

mail("[email protected]", "Subject: 

hi thanks for that everything seems to be working now

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