I have code which is assigning a value to a field $FlyerID.

<?php .... $FlyerID = $Row[0]; ?>

After the end of the php code, i have following code, where I am trying to use that value, however, the value of that field is blank.

"[/b] />

your new frequent flyer id is [b] <? $FlyerID ?>[/b].

When i execute the code, the value of $FlyerID passed to the “FrequentFlyerClub.php” is zero, even though, on the php code, this field has a value. Also, on the last line of the code, the value of $FlyerID displayed is blank. Any idea why the value of $FlyerID is blank?

Any help is appreciated.


You are not echoing it out…

<?echo $FlyerID;?>

Thanks, that worked.

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