I am creating an cost per hour tracking system for a credit union that has four branches. The quick basics of it is that each teller will have a username and password and login and input the hours they work each day. The administrator has to be able to log in and run reports for the pay period and calculate the cost per hour.

Now I have a database that has the usernames and the total salary and a seperate one for the hours. Currently the code pulls the total salary and usernames from the one database and from the hours database and creates the results for each user and branch of the credit union. The “cost” column is created by figuring the cost per hour for that user and then multiplying by the number of hours worked at that branch. Now I need to know how to take that number that is created for each user and add them up to get the total for each branch. I would like to do it without creating a database if possible. PLEASE HELP and I am very new to programming so the “dumbed down” version of your answer would be great. Thanks in advance

If you have the numbers in your PHP script, you can simply add them up. Mathematical operations are a basic feature of PHP.

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