Help with Wordpress Fees


PHP newbie here, I have just recreated our business website, and i have added a couple of plugins.

the plugins are:

Woocommerce product fees by Caleb Burks
WC Fields Factory by Saravana Kumar

i have tried asking the developers for help but fear they may be too busy as i’m getting no response.

What i am actually trying to do is this, using WC Fields Factory i have added two radio buttons to the product page.

The radio button options are for adding an artwork fee to the product of say £15, per order, which is important to say its not per product, so the radio buttons have to add a fee to the final value in the shopping cart (woocommerce) ive just got to find a way of calling the fee into the product fee plugin or by coding it in directly in the functions.php.

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some help please.

you can view the product page here: