Help with what this code says/does?

Can you please tell me what this list says/does?

$pt->videos      = $get_videos;
$pt->users      = $get_users;
$pt->page        = 'search';
$pt->title       = $lang->search . ' | ' . $pt->config->title;
$pt->description = $pt->config->description;
$pt->keyword     = $pt->config->keyword;
$pt->content     = PT_LoadPage('search/content', array(
    'VIDEOS' => $final,
    'USERS' => $final2,
    'KEYWORD' => $keyword,
    'CAT' => $category_id

In particular, can you tell me what this line says/does?

$pt->title = $lang->search . ' | ' . $pt->config->title;

any help is appreciated.

the dot is the concat operator

the rest is classes, instances and properties

Thanks for your reply.
However, I’m looking to ask if someone can explain what that code is doing

You have so many infos to do your own reasearch now, why should anybody do this for you? what’s your part in this process? what is the specific question you are not able to get yourself the answer for?

This to me looks like the making of a video query, you are pulling basic video information that a user would type in the title and this is what you would give them.

The dots just adding the string (line of text) together

This is saying $pt->title = $lang->search . ’ | ’ . $pt->config->title;

Title = searched_title (along with) title we saved video as.

You searched title = the sim
You get back = the sim | the simpsons

The | is just a divider In-between what you see and what we have

De_v is probably right.
It’s not really possible to tell what’s going on from this code but as he/she pointed out it’s concatenating two different parts

What we do know is that $pt is an object. title is a property or attribute that is being assigned $lang->search concatenated with “|” and $pt->config->title . config which seems to be a nested objected inside of $pt containing something called $title, which as we can deduce from the name is most likely just a string of text which is the title of something. It’s pretty safe to assume that search is just text as well since it’s being concatenated into the string, although it could even be a number or something, say an id that represents more data elsewhere.

can anybody help me my project please help me

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