Help with updated php codes

I have a form in an html page with hidden variables. I’m using “get” function in the form to send this information to “FormMail” and then redirecting it to a php page. This all used to work in an old version of php but I guess some of the commands must have deprecated in the newer version. My problem: the html form is redirecting to the php page but it’s not carrying the variables. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Thanks for any help you can give!

I’m probably not being very clear…please excuse me.
In my html form I’m using

which seems to redirect to Reservations.php but the form variables are not being sent to this page. The form variables are being sent to FormMail (which is the form action). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Can you strip down your code as small as you can whilst still getting the problem, then add the code to your question?

HTML page: CurrentEventReservation.html (has a form that collects user entered information, sends this to FormMail and then redirects to Reservations.php)

<form action="Scripts/formmail.php" method="get" name="ReservationForm" target="_blank" />
<input name="good_url" value="/Reservations.php" type="hidden" id="good_url" />

Reservations.php (should collect the variables from the html form file and display them)
collect variables:

<?php $name = $_REQUEST['Member_Name']; ?>
Display variables:

          <td width="29%" class="Bodytext">Name:</td>
          <td width="71%" class="Bodytext"><?php   echo $name; ?></td>

Formail is working okay and sending the email; but Reservations.php is not displaying the passed variables.

Thank you so much!!

What is the code in formmail.php?

Formmail.php is a long file, so I doubt you want it posted.
Here’s the link:
It’s working okay and send the email.

I think I’ll just have to redesign the set-up. the site is down until this is resolved.

The formmail.php script is the one causing the problem; that’s where your form submission is going, so that’s what controls what happens next.

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