help with SOAP


I have no clue how to change my error but basically im trying to Create web service to generate three hashes for user provided string. My code is
this form is called
//specify location and uri of web service
$client = new SoapClient(null, array(‘location’ =>
‘uri’ => “http://designstudio1/hello”));

//make a SOAP call to web service specifying
//operation and name and value for the parameter
$result = $client->__soapCall((‘MD5’,
array(‘name’ => ‘Sam’)),(‘SHA1’,
array(‘name’ => ‘Sam’)),(‘SHA256’,
array(‘name’ => ‘Sam’)));
echo HASH($result);
HelloClient3 call this form


<?php //include Services_Webservice extension include_once('Services/Webservice.php'); //define class class phpService extends Services_Webservice { /** * Returns "MD5, Name", "SHA1, Name", "SHA256, Name" * * @param string * @return string * @param string * @return string * @param string * @return string */ //declaration of the function. it takes one parameter name //if more parameters required, comma is used to separate //them public function ((MD5($name )),(SHA1($name )),(SHA256($name ))) { //define response $result = ('MD5, '.$name),('SHA1, '.$name),('SHA256, '.$name); //return response to a caller return HASH($result); } } $helloService = new phpService( 'helloService', 'takes name and returns Hello, Name', array('uri' => 'http://designstudio1/hello', 'encoding' => SOAP_ENCODED,'soap_version' => SOAP_1_2) ); $helloService->handle(); ?>

I no im doing this wrong but the goal is to up hash to hide the Sam