Help With PHP Login

I am looking for a plug & play php/mysql login. I will can/will provide whatever files/data needed to make this a plug & play setup. Including database name, tables, and fields in the tables, & database connection file with sensitive information removed.

I have existing .php files that I have edited & other fiverr vendor have provided. I am fine for almost all of the code to be changed, I really just want to keep the css.

I understand with the specifications of this project I will need to update my tables & table fields.

Specifications of this projects are:

List of tables I need to change, including any fields within the tables that need to be updated.

List of tables I need to create, including fields needed within the tables.

List of any code I need to change within the files you provide to make this work. Preferrable calling out the file name & line number so it is clear what & where I need to make the changes.

Username & Encrypted Password validated in mysql database

User permission retrieved & stored in a session upon successful login

User redirected to home.php upon successful login

Error message letting the user know the username or password is incorrect on unsuccessful login attempt

Session is active for 15 minutes from last activity once logged in – session destroyed & user redirected to login.php

Logout function that destroys the session

Capture ip address & timestamp of successful login – stored in a table

Separate . php file to include in the “includes statement” that allows me to restrict access to the page based on the user permission & session status – if not logged in, redirects user to login.php

Php statement to add to specific sections of php statements making the section visible/non-visible based on the user role

I would like to know if you would be interested in quoting this project. If so, I would like to know your timeline & cost.

Also would consider future engagements when I stumble.

Thank you for your time.

There are thousands of tutorials on this subject and most have codes to solve it. I suggest you review one of those instead of paying for a common login system. But, I am sure someone might do this basic work for a fee. If you search google with something like “php login with session and mysql tutorial” you will find thousands of examples with code. Here is one that covers everything except maybe the session time-out. That is easy to do with keeping track of the "last_accessed field in the user’s table. If it os not used in 15 minutes, force a re-login. You just check it in your header file each time the user changes pages or refreshes. Easy to add in. Here is one site to review: secure-login-tutorial

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